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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair by West Seattle AutoworksProper maintenance of your vehicle is extremely important, regardless of the make or model year. There are several indicators every driver in West Seattle should know about how to recognize if your transmission is failing even if you have limited or car or mechanical knowledge.

Indicators Transmission Must be Diagnosed

  • Smell – Possibly caused by burning transmission fluid
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Warning lights on
  • Feeling “sluggish” or “soft” between shift points

How Much Will Transmission Repair Cost?
Transmission repair will vary widely, depending on year, make and model of vehicle. For transmission replacement, Four or all-wheel drive vehicles and larger SUV’s will typically be more expensive than a smaller coupe or sedan.

Transmission Services

  • Transmission maintenance
  • Change transmission fluids
  • Replace transmission filter
  • Flush the cooler and lines
  • Test sensor operations
  • Clutch replacement