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As an automotive repair facility, we realize the importance of how our business practices affect the environment and the community we serve. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, used windshield wipers, etc all need to be handled and disposed of properly. Here are the ways we work to reduce our footprint as an auto repair facility as much as possible:

  • Our hazardous materials and/or pollutants are stored in steel drums to prevent leakage and disposed of in the best possible way by utilizing companies that specialize in the disposal of these items.
  • We have upgraded our air conditioning diagnostic equipment to include the new R1234yf refrigerant.
  • Most auto parts come in cardboard boxes or plastic which is all recycled.
  • Waste oil that we don't use to burn for heat goes to our friends up the street at Swedish Automotive and they use the oil to heat their building.
  • Almost all the parts that we remove from vehicles is recycled locally
  • Whenever possible we buy product in bulk to reduce the garbage we produce.
  • Tires are picked up and reused or recycled locally
  • Batteries are kept in a secure location until they are picked up for recycling.
  • We use recycled office paper and printer cartridges are saved for recycling.
  • We subscribe to Ridwell, a local company that happily takes ALL our plastic and styrofoam!

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