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West Seattle Autoworks is pleased to be able to provide air conditioning service near you! If your foreign or domestic vehicle has an air conditioning need locally in West Seattle we are close.  We are able to service and repair vehicles that have air conditioning systems with R-134a and HFO-1234yf or R-1234yf. Call or text West Seattle Autoworks at 206-257-5344 for an appointment today. Some signs that your vehicle air conditioning needs to be serviced or repaired:

-Your vehicle vents are blowing air that feels ambient or room temperature.  Your vents may even blow really warm air. This may be because you are low or out of freon (vehicle refrigerant) or it could mean something else is going on.

-You may start out with cold or cooler air but then it gradually warms up or changes no matter what you do.

-When you turn on your air conditioning you hear a noise.  

-You have an odor when you turn on your air conditioning despite having replaced your air filter. You should not smell anything when your air conditioning is turned on.

-Your are not able to dehumidify your windows or only partially able to.

Your car's air conditioning system is complex.  Many parts need to work together which means anything can be to blame for your air conditioning to have issues. Fuses, blower motor, evaporator, receiver/drier, refrigerant....the list goes on. It also gets more complicated with newer cars but better for our environment. 

Beginning with vehicles manufactured in 2021 the new R-1234yf or HFO-1234 refrigerant will be required for all domestic light duty and passenger vehicles.  Europe adopted the new refrigerant in many vehicles in 2017 and 2018 imported to the United States and all imported vehicles must have the new refrigerant starting in 2025.  This refrigerant was created to be-and is better-for our environment and contributes much less to greenhouse gases.  This also means that equipment used by automotive repair shops is better and more sophisticated at leak detection. This means service will change too: "top offs", recharging a system with a known leak or easily recovering contaminated refrigerant (from air, dirt or improper service) may become a thing of the past or more restrictive. West Seattle Autoworks has made the choice to upgrade our air conditioning service equipment to help protect the environment and you can be confident that your air conditioning service will be done the right way for you and the planet.

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