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Used Vehicle Sales Up during COVID


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Car sales have had an unexpected surge in sales during the pandemic. People are leery of public transportation methods such as ferries, water taxis, buses, trains as they are used to move a large amount of people quickly and efficiently, sometimes in closed quarters. Social distancing guidelines have caused some hesitation in using public transportation methods and as a result have allowed used cars to have a moment.  Despite the pandemic and its effects on the economy, it's a great time to buy a used car if you are in the market for one.  New and used car interest rates are low so there are a lot of quality used cars to choose from.  You can even shop for a used car online from the safety of your home!  Carvana is a company that sells cars this way. You get the car delivered to your home, have time to get it inspected and there is usually a warranty.  Dealerships have also had to make the transition into online car sales.  According to this report from the pandemic has forced dealers to take a contact-free approach to car sales.

Remember to get that pre-purchase inspection done before you commit to a used car.  Most independent shops perform this service and also get vehicle service records so you know how the vehicle was maintained.





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